Tourism in Saudi Arabia

plan your trip in Saudi Arabia and explore its ancient history and culture

Saudi Arabia is characterixed by the diversity of its terrain ,and significant climatic changes.there are different terrains ,where there are mountain heights, valleys sand dunes ,plateaus and plains


information about Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the largest conutry in middle East , located in the southwest of Aisa

Arabic is the only official language , and the citizen population speaks Arabic in more than 20 local dialects


City Tourism


the capital of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its largest city is considered on of the most expanding and developing cities in Saudi Arabia


a Saudi Arabian port city the red sea ,is modern commercail h ub and gateway for pilgrimages to the islamic holy cities Mecca and Medin


is the jargest Saudi project extendin between 3 countries "Saudi Arabai, Jordan and Egypt, the cityof the futuer and the Saudi dream "


Tourist Places


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